NYC Polyvore Meet-Up 2013

I know, I know I am a month an a half overdue with this post but I was changing internet providers and my proper internet connection was on and off...
Anyway, where was I?  Oh  yes ...
Once upon a time, on June 14th 2013 a group of fashion-loving girls met at the styling kingdom of Polyvore. 

The gals posing with their new fabulous Polyvore totes
Upon arrival to the Soho headquarters we met the lovely @chrystal ( She is the Community Support Coordinator for Polyworld)  She made us feel right at home. I'd say there can't be a better a better person for this job. She is warm, friendly, beautiful and has a very unique style.

Sweet, fabulous Chrystal 

Our brand new Polyvore totes
Our sets displayed in the walls of Polyvore

I was especially thrilled to meet my sweet, stylish friend Lidia. I felt as if I had known her all my life! Something about latin girls hahaha or not dear?

Bloggablegirl (me) and my sweet friend-organizer Lidia :)
 We walked around and met a few girls from the NY Polyvore staff. They were amazing!
 The office was gorgeous, clean, minimalistic and modern.

This is where Polyvore magic happens

After getting our little awesome Poly totes, talk and meet everybody ... we head  to the  Mercer House for lunch 

The Mercer Kitchen
The food was delicious and the company and chat even better. Chrystal and Gina @idreamofgina1 interviewed us all. They asked us  questions like ... how we became members, what do we like about Polyworld and the Polyvore community, etc etc

The menu- yummy!

Bloggablegirl (me) Lidia, Gina (from Polyvore NYC) and Shedgy
At the corner of ...
 It was a beautiful outside so we walked a few blocks and took a cab to Dareen Hakim's studio. Dareen @dareenhakim was so lovely!  She was down to earth, friendly and such an isnpiration!  Did you know that each metal plaque in her bags showcases a different ancient Arabic symbol? Each of them ha a specific meaning related to either good fortune, love, happiness, etc. When I met Dareen back in June, we talked about this detail in her designs and I absolutely loved the idea of carrying a mantra charged with good vibe from its creator wherever you go. I could not afford a purse back then but I will be saving my pennies to finally put my hands on one of these beauties! 

Dareem Hakim gorgeous bags
Me and Dareen (blurry picture I know, but I did not take it! lol)

 After Dareen's studio we head to one of the most iconic and touristy rooftops in the city 230 Fifth Roof Top bar. The view from the city here is priceless and so are the cucumber mojitos or not dear @shedgy ? 

Views from the rooftop-So much fun, great cucumber mojitos!

My polygals were all dashing and so much fun to hang out with. Thanks for the wonderful memories Denise, Lidia, Rosina, Sharon, Els, Jennifer, Debby, Lisa, Cassidy, Michelle!
 I had the time of my life!
Thank you @polyvore-editorial@polyvore #polyvorecommunity for all the efforts made so this could happen. 

Zara pants and Zara shoes, what a better way to strut around the city.

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