Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

* I fell in love with this look! It is so relaxed, feminine and unique; it kinds of symbolizes my wishes for this new year.
It was recreated with much pocket love by yours truly.
What are your new year resolution gals?

My resolutions are:
1. To dedicate more time to writing ( my blog and hopefully get started with my novel)
2. Relax more ( meaning, not giving people or situations the power to change my mood)
3. Make room for my artistic, crafty inclinations
4. Organize my closet (yikes!)
5. To purposely take time to visualize the future I want
5. Eat yummy yet healthy food ( maybe even do a detox diet to start the year)
6. Do more yoga

7. Read all Murakami's book (yes, I'm obsessed with his writing style!) and re read my favorite classics.

8. Never forget to smile, be grateful, dance and sing (in the shower)

Much love to you Xx

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