Livin' with the Blues

Livin' with the Blues

Livin' with the Blues by bloggablegirl featuring topshop

Spring 2013 Beauty Trend: Blue Eyeliner and Blue Eye Shadow
The blue color is associated with the sky and the sea. It symbolizes intelligence, loyalty and wisdom. Since a sophisticated style is dominating the spring/ summer 2013 collections, blue color could not be excluded especially from the spring/ summer 2013 makeup trends. Blue eye makeup dominates and expands into a wider array of shades. This season’s trends are bright colors so you can experiment and go for sapphire, turquoise, tiffany blue and accentuate your eyes! There is a variety of eye shadows, eyeliners that can perfectly be matched with a light lipstick and make your appearance stunning! If you are not a fan of bright colors don’t get upset, you can use darker shades but don’t go for too dark.

*In astrology, a planet's domicile is the zodiac sign over which it has rulership. The traditional planets said to be rulers of Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. A result of the ancient hieroglyph for water, the symbol for Aquarius (♒) is two undulating lines of waves.Similarly, the color that is associated with the zodiacal Aquarius is an aqueous blue.
No wonder I feel so comfortable with this fashion trend@polyvore-editorial . As an aquarius gal, I embrace the blue palette with all its might!

By Terry terry

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