Beyond the SEA

Beyond the SEA

Nothing like a homemade SPA session right?
I grew up next to the Pacific ocean and now I live far from the it...

How I miss the sound of the waves when I am falling asleep!
Anyway, a good home spa session for me always include taking a hot bath with salts. Salts have such a relaxing healing power! Don't you think? They also transport me to those summer days by the Pacific Ocean :)
My session also includes fresh cucumber slices for the eyes, an aromatherapy candle filling the air with relaxing, invigoration smells, a clay purifying face mask and a keratase hair repairing mask.
And relaxing music of course :)
With those simple steps I feel like new! What about you? What do you do in your own home spa session?

Beyond the SEA by bloggablegirl featuring a green skirt

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Lollia Calm Bath Salt Sachet
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