Winter beauty Tips

Winter beauty Tips
Ladies beauty is all aboutself respect!

Our skin is the mirror of our food habits and lifestyle choices. It is important to keep it moisturized and clean, that is why you always, always, always remove the makeup no matter how tired you are or how good the party was the night before.
I personally have a very delicate skin so I only use Clinique products for the skin care of my face. Besides the 3 steps, I am currently wearing the Even Better moisturizer which is supposed to even the tone of the skin, and prevent future damagae. So far it feels great and the SPF 20  also helps  protect the skin from the cold winter weather.
Twice a month I also deep cleanse my face with a purifying mask. I got the Freeman avocado/clay mask at the drugstore. It works pretty well and it is very unexpensive.

For my hair I use Kerastase products. I have tried all the good ones and this is the brand that I have found to work the best. IBTW I have also included a styling product in here just because I am so in love with it .  This spray wax by Redken is great if you want to achieve a messy/rebel hairstyle. I have a bob and sometimes I like to style it a la Dianna Agron and this product does the trick without leaving the hair stiff.
Now, to keep my lips soft and smooth, I am currently wearing the VS lip balm which is actually pretty good and the chubby lip pencil from Clinique to add some color but still make the lips look natural.

During winter I love "Linconln Park after Dark" by OPI when I get a mani/pedi but when I do my nails at home, I use two awesome shades of grey that I got at the drugstore (check them out!)
Finally it’s just as essential to cleanse from the inside by reducing internal impurities that is why I drink lots of water . I also just got the Yogi Skin DeTox tea that not only tastes good but also helps your skin look radiant and get the antioxidants it needs.
Taking naps is also part of my beauty routine, especially in those cold winter days...nothing better than beauty sleep right?

FYI You might not know but I worked for Clinique while I was in college. I learned so much about skin care and make up artistry that I do not regret any minute of that experience, even if it meant working and studying at the same time.

I hope this helped Xx
Stay beautiful dear friends!

Mai  – (November 9, 2011 at 8:11 PM)  

oh thanks for the tip sharing (: my winter skin is always dryer -0- and i have always have a different skin care routine><

CMPang x

Bloggablegirl  – (November 9, 2011 at 9:56 PM)  

You are welcome! :) I really liked your blog have been traveling to so many beautiful places!

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