The Sartorialist in Tokio

The Sartorialist in Tokio

This set  was inspired on a post by the Sartorialist  about trip to Tokio.  I loved the post! I thought combining traditional kimonos with modern accesories  was such a unique, fun idea!
Quote from The Sartorialist himself  " Right now the most interesting movement in Tokio street fashion is not Harajuku (I never really understood that) but actually young kids playing around with the idea of kimonos, in a modern way. As you see in the pictures, the kimonos are usually worn somewhat traditionally, but it’s the accessories they really have fun with. Purple hair, cowboy boots, ways of tying the obi, accessories in the obi…
It seems like such fertile ground for creative expression. I look forward to seeing more examples when I return next."

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