Merci Beaucoup!

Merci Beaucoup!

So thankful to @polyvore for the mention of in the Polyvore love letters: Blog roundup last Friday and for giving me the chance to create the sets for my blog and my daydream sets with such a fabulous tools.

So thankful to my polyfriends @lynnetha @lisabedow @lidia-solymosi @moodycat @aniael @mcgummerson @rainie-minnie @marthalux @mrekulli @adorablet @blitz-krieg @bestdressx @jasmine111196 @rose-weasley-heart @sylvialucky @helleka @heartbreaker95 @reginafrancisco @white-raven @misssophie @gita016 @cinnamoncafe @frenchvanillablog @zombiechick30 @maguie19 for their continuous support, favs and comments.

Love Polyworld! ;-)

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